Sunday, July 8, 2012

TIM WILDMON: Region’s hot summer isn’t an offshoot of global warming

TIM WILDMON: Region’s hot summer isn’t an offshoot of global warming:

What complete and utter nonsense in this piece by the Christian-Right anti-science, anti-global warming preacher, AFA's Rev.Tim Wildmon, representing the "Dark Side" of Tupelo, MS:

Wildmon says:

"I am distinguishing here between the traditional conservationists who want to safeguard clean air, clean water and who are against public littering and dumping and those who want to stop oil exploration and production is [in] the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska."

Well, Timothy, I am really confused about your paragraph here because the best I can tell from the Pro-Green Global Warming Activists I read about in Science Journals is that they are comprised of those same "conservationists" you say "want to safeguard clean air, clean water" and "who are against public littering and dumping"

... but who, unlike me, want to continue the "drill baby drill mentality you support (Big Oil) like you said who dumped all that crude into the Gulf waters not too long ago which is still showing its ugly presence today.


"He, [Obama] loathes oil and the oil companies often called 'Big Oil' by the political left. Obama’s 'concern' for people’s safety was a ruse.'"

Well, Timothy, all I can say here is: Just stick around until you, hopefully, become a very ripe old age and you will no doubt regretfully remember that "Obama's ruse" was defined in your own mind. It may not be too late to put the brakes on Climate Change if we start this very minute, but if we continue to wait this catastrophe will be unstoppable.

Timothy, I dedicate the following quote to you:

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings" – Victor Stenger