Sunday, November 25, 2012

ABratt's Perspectives:Gov. Phil Bryant On Medicaid Expansion

ABratt's Perspectives:Gov. Phil Bryant On Medicaid Expansion: Mississippi Gov. Phil "Satan Will Win" Bryant is just another in the line of Republican Governor Scott of Florida and other GOPERS who are fighting Obama Care/Medicaid Expansion...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mississippi's Wicker sees way off 'fiscal cliff'

Mississippi's Wicker sees way off 'fiscal cliff': Sen. Roger Wicker says avoiding the

Sen. Roger "Grocery Tax" Wicker is riding the coat-tails of a majority conservative oriented voting blok which appears to be on the wane in his state. During the Bush Administration, Wicker made a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan as Mississippi's representative in the House to make a report to his conservative constiuency about thestatus of the ongoing U.S military mission there. Wouldn't you know that he came back and reported that the U.S. had been victorious in that war. This was during the BUSH ADMIN years! 

Is it any surprise that Mississippi, my home state, ranks close to, or directly on, the bottom level among all the fifty total states?     

Thursday, November 15, 2012

ABratt's Perspectives: Don Wildmon [Founder Of The "Dark Side" Of Tupelo MS] Says America Chose 'Chaos' By Re-Electing Obama

The Wildmons, Don & Tim , Their AFA And Their American Taliban Associates  Set Out To Wreck Obama's First Presidential Term From Day One-- They're Still At It, Even In The Wake of Obama's Re-Election To A Second Term. More than anything else, the Wildmon's have spent their whole life driven by obsessions  with Racism, Homo- Phobia, Liberal -Phobia, Islam -Phobia and much more that is connected with the concept of "human rights."

Is it any wonder why Wildmon/AFA find themselves on the SPLC's list of hate groups, or that they   are also known as the "Dark Side" of Tupelo, MS? -- AB 


RWW Story by Brian Tashman, 11-13-12, Re-posted by ABratt, 11-13-12

"Last week, American Family Association founder Don Wildmon appeared on AFA Today with Buster Wilson, where the conservative leader was mourning the re-election of President Obama. He said that the election represented the beginning of the end for Western civilization and that the U.S. will 'end up in chaos' as 'ultimately we’re going to change the Constitution or do away with it.'”

Read the complete article from Right Wing Watch from the link below

Monday, November 12, 2012

ABratt's Perspectives: Spotlighting The Tax-Exempt "Dark Side" of Tupelo MS

ABratt's Perspectives Tax-Exempt “Dark Side” Tupelo MS: “AFA Men Explain How George Clooney Swung Election To Obama”

Tim Wildmon’s AFA/Christian Right Wing American Taliban: An Hilarious GOPER Mockery of GOD ALMIGHTY. – AB
"AFA Men Explain How George Clooney Swung Election To Obama"
By Brian Tashman, RWW, 11-10-12, re-posted by ABratt, 11-11-12

"American Family Association president Tim Wildmon and research director Ed Vitagliano today spoke to WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah about how they are all still astonished that Obama won re-election. Vitagliano apparently did his research into the Obama campaigns strategies, and figured out that “they hooked women to Obama through these Hollywood stars” like George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker. Vitagliano said that our “devolved” culture has made women voters simply think, ‘I love George Clooney...'"

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

TIM WILDMON: Election changes U.S

TIM WILDMON: Election changes U.S: "Nov. 6, 2012, will mark the day that America changed from being a center-right country, politically, to being a country sharply divided along conservative and liberal lines with a majority of Ameri...
"Although I am a conservative, I am not decrying every form of government assistance. I do like the idea of a couple of months of unemployment benefits for those who suddenly lose their job, for instance. But our society has changed. Government assistance used to be viewed as a temporary way of helping people in need. There used to be a degree of shame associated with receiving government welfare. Ask anyone over 60 and they will confirm that. But as with having babies out of wedlock, that stigma has long been lost."-- Tim Wildmon VP AFA From the "Dark Side" Of Tupelo, MS.

Read more: - TIM WILDMON Election changes U S

Saturday, November 10, 2012

ABratt Perspective: Obama Wins Overwhelming Re-election Despite Wildmon AFA Predictions

ABratt Perspective:ObamaWins Overwhelming Reelection Despite WildmonAFA Predictions

Part One: “Tim Wildmon: History Doesn’t Favor Obama”

Wildmon Part One: “If history is any indicator, Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama on Nov. 6. The American people will give a president four years to “get the job done” and if that president is not able to do that – whatever excuses they may give for not accomplishing what they promised when they were elected – they vote to give the next guy a shot. See Jimmy Carter and...”
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Part Two: “Tim Wildmon: How Can Obama Win?”

Wildmon Part Two: “I was discussing with an informed friend the other day the daily polling we hear about regarding the presidential race between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney that have shown Obama trending ahead in some of the key battleground states like Virginia, [Romney won] Ohio and even Florida.[Obama won] He said the polls are not worth very much until about two weeks out from the election which is Nov. 6. His point was that the polling services are very competitive and do not want egg on their face election night if, in fact, their numbers turn out to be wrong. So take that into consideration when you hear poll numbers you don't necessarily believe to be true. They may be accurate, but we will not know for certain until late in the evening of Nov. 6.” [And now we know,Timmothy.]

“This brings me to another observation. I find it remarkable that President Obama is in the lead in any poll...”
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“Florida Gov.Rick Scott On Decision Not To Extend Early Voting Hours”[Republican Plot To Suppress Voting Foiled]

AFA President Tim Wildmon must have been shocked that Obama won Florida, a state that Repubs had geared-up for a Romney win.-- AB.

“Former Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent, accused Scott of ‘voter suppression’ for refusing to extend early voting hours, and said Scott should have extended hours like he did in 2008 when he was governor.”

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ABratt’s Perspectives: Frank Rich: GOP In Fantasy Land

by Frank Rich, NY Mag.,11-10-12, Re-posted by ABratt

“Mitt Romney is already slithering into the mists of history, or at least La Jolla, gone and soon to be forgotten. A weightless figure unloved and distrusted by even his own supporters, he was always destined, win or lose, to be a transitory front man for a radical-right GOP intent on barreling full-speed down the Randian path laid out by its true 2012 standard-bearer, Paul Ryan. But as was said of another unsuccessful salesman who worked the New England territory, attention must be paid to Mitt as the door slams behind him in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s brilliant victory.”

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ohio 'Heartbeat Bill' Is Revived In State Legislature

Ohio 'Heartbeat Bill' Is Revived In State Legislature

The Gopers are obsessed with controlling women's rights to their own body. The 2012 presidential election hasn't taught the morons one single thing about where they are ultimately headed.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Robert Creamer: 6 Reasons Why the 2012 Election Will Be Considered Historic

Robert Creamer: 6 Reasons Why the 2012 Election Will Be Considered Historic

"Tuesday's election was important for many reasons. Its outcome will certainly benefit millions and millions of people -- both in the United States and around the world. And President Obama's campaign will be remembered as one of the best-run political efforts in the history of American politics."--Robert Creamer

ABratts Perspectives: Obama Wins Four More Years: How Sweeeeeeeet It Is!!!

ABratts Perspectives: Obama Wins Four More Years: How Sweeeeeeeet It Is!!!: Obama Took Gov. Walker's Wisconsin. That tells Americans a lot.  That in itself speaks loud and clear to Karl Rove and the KOOCH Brothers! And I don't want to leave Journal Communi...

Sarah Palin On Obama Victory: 'It's A Perplexing Time For Many Of Us Right Now' (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin On Obama Victory: 'It's A Perplexing Time For Many Of Us Right Now' (VIDEO)

Palin is very much like the chaff that wind bloweth away. NOW, BLOW, WIND, BLOW I SAY AWAY WITH THIS PITIFUL WOMAN!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Climate Change Poll Finds Most Americans Unwilling To Pay Higher Energy Costs

Climate Change Poll Finds Most Americans Unwilling To Pay Higher Energy Costs

My Vision: I hate to be a pessimist but as long as we continue to have political gridlock, christian fanatacism, climate change deniers, and anti-green activists among other things as the norm in America, climate change will never be resolved. It could already be too late. We may just have to accept our ultimate demise as it creeps over us creating all kinds of horrific death and destruction,from widespread famine, civil unrest, immobility, theft, murder, cannibalism, looting and much, much more will be the order of the day for those still hanging on to life by a thin thread.

In the aftermath of our destruction, sometime in later years, alien scientist will, no doubt, visit Earth to study why our civilization collapsed in such a horrible way. They will likely conclude from their investigation that the Earth was bombarded by a meteorite in the earlier pre-historic era when the dinos all seemed to perish mysteriously but in the second, later phase, around the year 2070 +/- Earth was destoyed by pollution of the environment due to human activity resulting in increased carbon dioxide emmissions into the atmosphere from the uncontrolled, continued burning of fossil fuels which was the result of greed, ignorance and power in the hands of the wrong people.

Let's change my vision. Start by re-electing President Obama and a majority Democratic Congress! You'll be glad you did and so will your children!

Mitt Romney Robocall Warns Christians Obama A 'Threat To Our Religious Freedom'

Mitt Romney Robocall Warns Christians Obama A 'Threat To Our Religious Freedom'

Mormon-Christian-Republican-Mittso HOOEY! It all makes me proud to be an American , Liberal Non-Theist, Democrat. OBAMA 2012!--ABratt's Perspectives