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"Robin Williams Rest IN Peace Make God Laugh" Sarcasm, AFA/Fischer Image From One News Now

"The World Famous Laugh Factory" Taken From American Family Associations' One News Now Web Site  promoted by Bryan Fischer and the Anti-human rights activist Tim Wildmon, 8-21-14. 

Robin Williams' suicide, as is every suicide, is a tragically sad thing. My heart hurts to think what Williams' inner life must have been like at the end to drive him to such a terrible decision. My heart aches for those he has left behind – his wife, his children, loved ones and friends. His death has left a hole in their lives that nothing and no one can fill.
RIP Robin WilliamsIn the wake of his suicide, billboards and media pundits alike have been assuming that Robin Williams is now in heaven, making God laugh along with other funny men who left this earth before their time. So is he?
There is one thing we do know and one thing we do not know that can help us think clearly about Robin Williams' eternal destiny.... 
Image made available for reader viewing by Al Bratton,Tupelo MS. 8-21-14.  

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KKK Anti-Immigration Rally Drowned Out By Counterprotesters

KKK Anti-Immigration Rally Drowned Out By Counterprotesters

A KKK anti-immigration protest in North Carolina was drowned out by several hundred counterprotesters, sending a message that the group's recent foray into the immigration reform battle may not be going as planned.
Between 400 and 500 community members and immigration reform advocates organized a counterprotest across the street from the approximately 100 KKK members in Troy, North Carolina, on Saturday, as reported by the Asheboro Courier-Tribune. The KKK had expected 200 of its members to show up, according to its protest permit.
The counterprotesters told local news outlets that they wanted to send the message that the KKK's extremist rhetoric is not welcome. The protest, originally planned as a rally for the Klansmen to publicize their new "shoot-to-kill" border security policy, became a shouting match between the Klansmen and the counterprotesters.
"Don't come back to Troy, boy!" community members shouted.
"Young people today will not stand for this. When I was a little boy, the KKK coming to town would have put fear in my heart, but not anymore," local resident Donald Loften told the Courier-Tribune. "This country has come so far since those days. Where I work, we all work together every day. It’s a shame and disgrace for society that this hatred can go on, but I guess there will always be that 10 percent who want to hate somebody. They want to stir up trouble, but they are dealing with a different mentality now. People have no fear of them."
“I have always wanted to talk trash to a grand dragon. It felt good,” said community member Jack Cagle.
The protest is part of the hate group's recent efforts to include anti-immigration positions in its mission. Though the group has long advocated for white supremacy and racial intolerance, experts say that the group wants to capitalize on the recent border crisis. Saturday's protest was one of several events set to be held this summer.
The group appears to be losing support, even in its Southern strongholds. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the number of KKK members nationwide has declined to about 6,000. During the civil rights movement in the 1960s, it had nearly 60,000.

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Spotlighting AFA Dark side Of Tupelo, MS.

Spotlighting The Rushdoony AFA Dark Side Of Tupelo, MS, 

By Al Bratton Tupelo, Aug. 4, 2014, (323 words), 

Source Material From Right Wing Watch
"The American Family Association today is promoting  a 2013 article by research director Ed Vitagliano, who warns that the rise of gay rights in the U.S. 'is a sign of a deep spiritual sickness' and 'a downward death spiral' that will incite divine wrath."  
“'[H]omosexuality often becomes the barometer of a culture rotting out from the inside,' Vitagliano writes, lamenting that '[s]traight[ America has embraced homosexuality because straight Americans first embraced the sexual revolution for the satisfaction of their own perverse sexual appetites.'”] 
He concludes that pushing gays 'back into the closet (if that were possible)' is not 'enough to forestall judgment,' but that conservatives must go even further in driving out the 'underlying wickedness that permeated the entire culture.”'
"It is sometimes difficult for Christians to comprehend the breathtaking speed with which the gay movement has succeeded in America. While the political movement itself began in 1969, it has only been over the last decade that homosexual activists have seen virtually every one of their dreams come true."

"Yet Scripture is clear that embracing homosexuality is a sign of a deep spiritual sickness. In particular, three important passages warn cultures about taking this step."

"How can a reasonable person do this? How can a society clearly see that humanity is divided into male and female genders, with corresponding, rather than identical, genitalia, and shrug its collective shoulders"?

"Romans 1:18 states that this is done because they' suppress the truth in unrighteousness.'” The Greeks did this. America is on the verge of doing so.

"A downward death spiral results from such suppression. These individuals (and, we must assume, the cultures such individuals create) sink into further darkness and eventually (unless God intervenes) become hardened and blinded to the truth."

"In Jude 7 the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah is made even more explicit: The inhabitants 'indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh,' and what could be stranger than men fornicating with other men?)"

"But the Genesis account takes note of the utter depravity of these particular homosexual men, for it was the violence of their predatory behavior that seems most abhorrent in the passage. They literally threatened to have forcible homosexual intercourse with Lot’s visitors – i.e., to rape his guests." (323)

AFA: America Must Push Gays 'Back Into The Closet' Or Risk Total Destruction | Right Wing Watch

AFA: America Must Push Gays 'Back Into The Closet' Or Risk Total Destruction | Right Wing Watch

An Article From The AFA "Dark Side" Of Tupelo, MS.

500 words

Tupelo's Dark Side AFA Says America Must Push Gays Back Into Closet...       

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AFA's Sandy Rios Suggests Treating Refugee Kids Like Lepers, Warns They Will Cause Death 'In Huge Numbers' | Right Wing Watch

Letter T Joe Rutherford, Tupelo Daily Journal
By Al Bratton, 8-02-14. (200 words)

Tupelo's  "'Dark Side 'American Family Association Hostile to Child Migrants" (OverBlown Fears About Disease...)--AB

"On her American Family Radio program this morning, Sandy Rios [a self-proclaimed Christian] joined fellow anti-immigrant activists in spreading overblown fears about diseases being carried by the Central American refugees at the southern border."
"Rios suggested that the child refugees should be quarantined like lepers used to be. 'I think of biblical times, the lepers were separated — right or wrong — they were separated,' she said. 'It was understood that leprosy was so contagious. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting to separate your children. We used to quarantine people when they had diseases'”
“'We’re such a healthy people that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be diseased and die from those diseases in huge numbers,” she said, “but we’re going to learn, I think, again.'”
She went on to lament that the children are being transported in the 'same planes that you and I fly in.'”
“'How do we know about lice and disease before they get on public transportation?'” she added.

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Sandy Rios Suggests Treating Refugee Kids Like Lepers, Warns They Will Cause Death 'In Huge Numbers'