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Ted Cruz, the Houston Hype, and the Dishonesty of the Anti-Equality Movement | Right Wing Watch

Ted Cruz...Houston Hype...Anti-Equality...

by Peter Montgomery, RWW, 10-20-14

Re-posted from Right Wing Watch, 10-20-14, by Al Bratton, ABratt's Tupelo MS Blog

So This Is Christianity American Style? -AB

"Conservative religious leaders have a long track record of hyping supposed threats to religious liberty in America  specifically, to the religious liberty of conservative Christians. In fact, portraying Christians as a persecuted minority under siege by anti-freedom LGBT activists and secular humanists has become the right's primary strategy for reversing the advance of equality in America. But even in the long context of crying wolf over threats to religious freedom, Sen. Ted Cruz and his religious right allies have set new records for dishonest hype in their response to this week's controversy over subpoenas sent to a few religious leaders in Houston."

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Ted Cruz, the Houston Hype, and the Dishonesty of the Anti-Equality Movement | Right Wing Watch

Monday, September 22, 2014

BarbWire: Miss America Winner Contributes To Violence, Destruction of The Country | Right Wing Watch

BarbWire: Miss America Winner Contributes To Violence, Destruction of The Country | Right Wing Watch

BarbWire columnist Luke Douglas is joining other conservatives who have expressed outrage that Kira Kazantsev, the recently-crowned Miss America, once worked as an education intern at a Long Island Planned Parenthood clinic. 
So, now I invite you to take a first-hand look at what some in America's Christian-Right minority think is Christianity marching on to save the world!--ABratt

“The crusader of the largest abortion provider in the nation now the face of America? We shouldn’t be surprised,” Douglas said, before arguing that Planned Parenthood has contributed to the “pernicious deterioration” of America, with increased cases of rape and murder, as “a sexual revolution begun in the name of liberty has brought us to violence and confusion.”
This week’s newly crowned Miss America, 2015 is said to represent everything America believes in. Kira Kazantsev rose through the ranks of the competition: first as Miss New York, then singing “Happy” to win the national crown, then to represent our identity, our values, and our future as Miss America. As the crowds cheered with joy at her achievements, America took heart in knowing that our future is in the able hands of a new [...]

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spotlighting: Christian Right Homophobes Tim Wildmon, Bryan Fischer, Scott Lively...

AFA's Tim Wildmon, Scott Lively, Peter LA Barbera [...] Launch Global anti-Gay 'Coalition for Family Values.'  Yes, Friends, That's What They Named It!

'USA: Anti-Gay Religious Activists Hope to Boost Homophobia Exports'
"Anti-gay activists Scott Lively and Peter LaBarbera launched a new global anti-gay network they call the Coalition for Family Values.  At a Washington, D.C. press conference, Lively said governments have an affirmative duty to uphold a biblical view of sexuality, which he called the “one flesh paradigm.” That means discouraging and suppressing homosexuality.
Lively’s new effort has  drawn quick support from other religious right leaders like Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber and The American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon and Bryan Fischer.
Like the World Congress of Families at its recent press conference, Lively and his partners praised Russia’s anti-gay laws and encouraged the rest of the world to follow suit. From my report on the event at Right Wing Watch:"
Lively, who played an active role in fomenting homophobia in Uganda, now claims he thinks the new law there is too harsh. His goal is not to put people in jail, he says, as long as they keep their sex behind closed doors and don’t try to change society. He says government has “an affirmative duty” to discourage all sex outside marriage and to encourage the biblical “one flesh paradigm” regarind sexuality.
 The coalition’s statement says:
 “…the vast majority of the people of the world do not accept the notion that sexual deviance should be normalized. It is time that these voices are heard on the world stage before the so-called elites of the Western powers impose their inverted morality on everyone through the manipulation of international law, which they clearly intend to do.” 
Lively said his new group is needed because too many religious conservatives are afraid to really speak their minds on homosexuality.
“We believe that the pro-family movement is not being well represented at the moment. Because most of the people that are in the leadership positions are afraid to speak the plain truth because of the media….We’re not against gay marriage and gay adoption because they’re just bad public policy.

'We’re against them because homosexuality itself is harmful to the people who practice it and to society. ['same old song & dance from America's own Taliban Community'!]--ABratt  
All of this from men so Pious & Good that not even butter will melt in their mouths.--ABratt

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    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    "Robin Williams Rest IN Peace Make God Laugh" Sarcasm, AFA/Fischer Image From One News Now

    "The World Famous Laugh Factory" Taken From American Family Associations' One News Now Web Site  promoted by Bryan Fischer and the Anti-human rights activist Tim Wildmon, 8-21-14. 

    Robin Williams' suicide, as is every suicide, is a tragically sad thing. My heart hurts to think what Williams' inner life must have been like at the end to drive him to such a terrible decision. My heart aches for those he has left behind – his wife, his children, loved ones and friends. His death has left a hole in their lives that nothing and no one can fill.
    RIP Robin WilliamsIn the wake of his suicide, billboards and media pundits alike have been assuming that Robin Williams is now in heaven, making God laugh along with other funny men who left this earth before their time. So is he?
    There is one thing we do know and one thing we do not know that can help us think clearly about Robin Williams' eternal destiny.... 
    Image made available for reader viewing by Al Bratton,Tupelo MS. 8-21-14.  

    Friday, August 15, 2014