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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moore the Ayatollah of Alabama, Wildmon the Ayatollah of Mississippi

Moore, the Ayatollah of Alabama!, Wildmon the Ayatolla of Mississippi!

Al Bratton-- My favorite comment from this article: 

"Back in 2011, Moore told me in a lengthy interview that the Supreme Court cannot supersede God, simply because the United States is a Christian nation"

From his statements about 'british common law' it's clear he considers intent of the founders and history not specifically written into the constitution when determining his decisions (rather, when trying to justify his own personal hatred, but that's neither here nor there). Therefore, I presume he'll take into account the history and origins of separation of church and state -- where some argue that the original intent was that the US was a Christian nation, but would not allow any single denomination to rule. 

Well. While I personally believe separation of church and state should apply to all religions, It's pretty clear from the above that Moore would only agree with the 'christians only' version.

And there are christian denominations that accept gay marriage. He can try to excuse his prejudice with the claim that 'god's law' / christian law should trump legal law, but they don't hold under their own weight, because he's imposing his own denomination's belief about what 'god's law' is and trampling the rights of other Christians who disagree.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The U.S. military has a problem with atheists - The Week

The "No Atheists In a Fox Hole" mentality is part of this huge problem. It's a problem of religious fanaticism that has invaded the military. It's a slogan the Holier-Than-Thou membership are fond of because it makes them think they are marines that stand taller than the non-religious trooper who may, in truth, be the superior soldier. Crank in the observation that the religious marine is more likely to commit suicide and you have a real dilemma on your hands. Also, remember that Christianity is, in and of itself, a Sea Of Confusion, Put it all together and you have created a pending catastrophe, aka Suicide.--ABratt

The U.S. military has a problem with atheists - The Week

Saturday, July 13, 2013

So This Is Christianity?

So, This Is Christianity?

Only In The Fundie South Where Ignorance Is Bliss, Intelligence Amiss.

Point-Counterpoint Tupelo MS .Daily Journal Discussion Team– Ed Holliday, James Hull.

Ed Holliday, July 13, 2013: 

James, first let me say that the Shannon board has spoken and if anyone feels that their rights have been violated, then courts are available. [The Town Board of the Town of Shannon MS has, in the last couple of weeks, denied a prospective business owner a permit to manage a Gay Bar inside the Town Limits.]--ABratt
James, now as to your point that traditional marriage in not threatened by same sex marriage I must say that you are dead wrong.  The entire debate about gay marriage should be about the children – children now and in the future.  Why would we give our children a different definition of marriage? In a country based on Judeo-Christian values, how is gay marriage affecting our children?
First, we know longstanding institutions such as Catholic adoption services have been shut down in states where gay marriage is now legal because they refuse to place children into homes that contradict their beliefs. 

 Second, in states where gay marriage is legal, children are being taught in kindergarten that they can grow up to marry either a man or a woman. How will this affect the next generation? Preliminary statistics show that over 30 percent of children raised in a home with gay parents end up adopting the gay lifestyle, and, yet, in the general population only 2-3 percent of the population  practice the gay lifestyle.

 Are we experimenting with our children in a “Brave New World?” Will a continuing change in the definition of marriage lead to an imploding civilization such as ancient Greece and Rome?
If our society says it is right to change the definition of marriage to include gay people, then how can we legally discriminate against the bisexuals? Shouldn’t they be given the right to marry a man and a woman? [LOL] And if it’s about marrying who you love why can’t people marry two or three or four or more different men and women? [LOL AGAIN]  Using these standards, how can we legally stop incestuous marriages? How about transgendered marriage rights?[LOL AGAIN & AGAIN].
God is not mocked.  America is dying. Judgment comes on both the just and the unjust. The Bible tells us about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They refused to bow down and worship a false god in ancient Babylon. We need such men and women with a backbone today. [False Gods and Satan are both a part of the Fundie lifestyle!]--AB

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Family Structures Study Intended To Sway Supreme Court On Gay Marriage, Documents Show

New Family Structures Study Intended To Sway Supreme Court On Gay Marriage, Documents Show

This Biblically defined marriage between one man, one woman is based on an errant book of basically ancient myths from ancient civilizations--a thorn in the side of progress toward a better life for all in the now modern day world. No God would condone what is happening to people today based on religious dogma. Only man is to blame for creating such a monster. --ABratt

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tupelo MS Has A Very Distinct "Dark Side"

ABratt's Perspectives: Spotlighting The "Dark Side" Of Tupelo, MS An Otherwise All American City

Beisner: Hurricane Sandy Was Sent By God As A Matter Of Grace...--RWW 10-30-12, Reposted by ABratt 10-30-12

"Today on 'Focal Point,' Bryan Fischer brought on Dr. Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance to discuss the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Beisner, who received his doctorate in Scottish History, is the Religious Right's favorite climate change 'expert' primarily because his entire agenda is rooted in the belief that environmentalism is a religion that is out to destroy Christianity."--RWW

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Beisner: Hurricane Sandy was Sent By God as 'a Matter of Grace' | Right Wing Watch