Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moore the Ayatollah of Alabama, Wildmon the Ayatollah of Mississippi

Moore, the Ayatollah of Alabama!, Wildmon the Ayatolla of Mississippi!

Al Bratton-- My favorite comment from this article: 

"Back in 2011, Moore told me in a lengthy interview that the Supreme Court cannot supersede God, simply because the United States is a Christian nation"

From his statements about 'british common law' it's clear he considers intent of the founders and history not specifically written into the constitution when determining his decisions (rather, when trying to justify his own personal hatred, but that's neither here nor there). Therefore, I presume he'll take into account the history and origins of separation of church and state -- where some argue that the original intent was that the US was a Christian nation, but would not allow any single denomination to rule. 

Well. While I personally believe separation of church and state should apply to all religions, It's pretty clear from the above that Moore would only agree with the 'christians only' version.

And there are christian denominations that accept gay marriage. He can try to excuse his prejudice with the claim that 'god's law' / christian law should trump legal law, but they don't hold under their own weight, because he's imposing his own denomination's belief about what 'god's law' is and trampling the rights of other Christians who disagree.

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